Brina Hostal. Your Cuban home.

Calle Santa Clara, 12, Havana
rooms for rent in the centre old Havana - Habana Vieja, CUBA

Bookings and contact info

It's better to contact the house ahead, to ensure your staying.

Reserve your room via

The price is $30cuc/night per room, to be paid upon arrival.
We do not accept traveler's check, nor bank transfers.

Extra services at your hand in Brina Hostal

Choose the best service for your when living in Havana:
  • Breakfast: $5cuc.
  • Dinner, delicious dishes for $7cuc or $8cuc (chicken, pork) or $9cuc (fish) and $10cuc (fresh fish and sea fruit).
  • Special offer for vegetarians: $6cuc. We also offer different other dishes specific of Creole cuisine.
  • Taxi and transportation within Havana as well as to other provinces.
    • Car transfer from the Havana's Airport José Martí to Brina Hostal: $25cuc.
    • Car transfer from the airport in Varadero to Brina Hostal: $70cuc.
  • Cuban Dance Salon - only 600 m from the house, where professional instructors and highly skilled dancers will teach you Cuban dances such as: Salsa, Son, Folklor, Rumba and Guaguanco, as well as Dominican dances: Merengue and Bachata.
  • Street address

      Mr. Sergio González Rivera, Univ. graduate engineer

      Mrs. Leonor González Delgado (daughter).

      Calle Santa Clara, 12.
      La Habana Vieja

      Accessible from: San Pedro Street y Oficios Street


      International calling:

        Home Phone: + (53) 78672039

        Mobile Phone: + (53 ) 53478134

      or calling from anywhere in Cuba:

        Home Phone: (+53)-078672039

        Mobile Phone: (+53)-53478134


    Licence 2311 / 14
    Municipality Havana Vieja
    Name: Leonor González Delgado