Reservations and contact

For further inquiries and additional information we are gladly at your disposal via email or telephone. It's better to contact the house ahead, to check availability and get the needed information.

Reserve here:

We check the email frequently. You will get confirmation soon.

Price for 1 person or 2 persons: 30 CUC/night per room (breakfast not included)

Price for 3 persons: 35 CUC/night per room (breakfast not included)

When you send the email for reservation please include these information:
  • For which dates would you like to reserve the room?
  • For how many guests?
  • Do you want to be picked up at the HAV airport?
  • Do you want to eat dinner or breakfast at us?
Thank you and see you in Havana soon!


We speak Spanish, English and Italian. Please note the different time zones.

International calling:

Home Phone: + (53) 78672039
Mobile Phone: + (53 ) 53478134

...or calling from anywhere in Cuba:

Home Phone: 078672039
Mobile Phone: 53478134